Meeting Room

Board of Directors

The Board, along with the CEO, are responsible for planning and overseeing the strategic direction of our organisation. 

We currently have 6 Board members (known as non-executive directors), and listed as follows:

  • Kate Raffan
  • Jamie Barclay
  • Dorothy Daldry
  • Louise Ferguson
  • Neil Guthrie
  • Margaret Hodder (Chair)

Our Board members come with a range of professional backgrounds relevant to the work of the Society. In addition, we always operate with a majority having a family member who is autistic or neurodiverse.

The Board meets every two or three months with additional strategy review meetings from time to time as well as an annual training event.  

The Board currently has two committees who meet as required and report to the full Board on a quarterly basis.

  • Finance & Governance – dealing with financial performance, financial records and reporting, internal review and governance issues.
  • Fundraising & Events – dealing with raising awareness of the Society and fundraising that the Society undertakes to supplement funding received from the local authorities


Please note:

We can appoint individuals to the Board who have specific skills. In addition, anyone who is a member of GAS is eligible to be elected to the Board.

We are always happy to have new ideas and new people involved – please contact us if you might be interested in helping, or have any comments or questions regarding Board issues.

You can email us directly at via our chair:

It might take us a little while to get back to you, so for anything urgent, or questions about services, please contact the office on 01224 277900.