Meet the team

Becky provides vital administrative support to our CEO and teams to ensure the smooth-running of the organisation and leads on our key organisational support functions.


Laura is responsible for supporting and working closely with our Services Manager in the day-to-day running and management of our Aberdeen Playscheme and providing direct support to the team. 

Image by Shaurya Sagar


Finance Officer

Support Staff

Emma Stott
Teri Walsh
Alicja Rejmanowska
Matthew Kain
Elizabeth Richardson
Eilidh MacKinnon
Jade Forman
Tim Hunter
Kirstie Pretious
Davide Bonne
Chloe Davidson
Andrea McGungle
Joanne Fraser
Mary Clancy
Karen Scott
Jasmine Elcock
Lauraine McAllister
Ben Ferry
Jade Russell 
Bruce Will
Donald Hardie
Mark Bewick
Chloe MacDonald
Larese Anderson
Lorraine Hilton
Amy Wakefield
Kayleigh Lunan-Smith
Ellen Thom



Roxanne Ray
Sarah Craddock
Hannah Jamieson
Lesley Inkson
Brett Thomson
Anna Grant
Neil Middleton
Abbie Morrice
Alastair Burnett
Kenna MacDonald
Janet Gauthier
Iain Temperley
Sanders Walker