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What is the Outreach service?


The Autism & Neurodiversity - North Scotland Outreach Service provides specialised one-to-one support and advice for young people and families in their own home.  Diagnosis is not necessary for this support and all referrals are considered individually. 


The AND Outreach Support Staff are highly trained to help autistic & neurodiverse young people  with a full range of support and will devise a support plan according to the individual young person’s age and needs. 


Managing public transport, developing a range of interests and transitioning from one location to another and are just some of the support provided - all of which help the young person to build confidence and work towards independence in the community.

The Matching Process


AND operates a matching process for staff and service users to enable the development of effective relationships, which is a pre-requisite for enabling change.  Careful thought is given to the placement of support workers with each individual prior to support commencing and packages are provided by the smallest practical number of support workers to enable effective, trusting and supporting relationships to be built.  Introduction of a new support worker to a service user’s support package is a gradual process and always starts with shadow session/s with an existing, familiar worker who is able to give feedback to the Service Manager.  In addition, the service user and, where appropriate, their family/carers are directly consulted about the suitability of any new support worker prior to one-to-one support beginning.  On no occasion is any service user asked to accept support from someone they have not already met and agreed to work with. 

Where does Outreach operate?


  • Aberdeen City

  • Aberdeenshire

  • Moray