What are Playschemes?


Autism & Neurodiversity - North Scotland Playschemes offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for autistic & neurodiverse young people up to 18 years.  The activities focus on developing social and communication skills and range from outdoor activities such as soft play, bowling, cinema and visiting play parks to indoor activities that include crafts, baking and technology-based pursuits using equipment such as iPads and Kindles allowing the children to play games and communicate with each other and staff. 

Activities such as bowling and mini golf help the children practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as assisting with their social and communication skills.  Through encouraging activities such as baking we are allowing the children opportunities to develop their skills in measuring, budgeting (when buying ingredients), sharing (taking turns), timekeeping and creativity. The group really enjoy baking although the tidying up at the end is not as popular!

When do the Playschemes run?


Weekends during school term time and 7 days per week during school holidays.

Where are the Playschemes held?


  • Aberdeen

  • Elgin