About our new board member – Heather Brock

Grampian Autistic Society (GAS) are delighted to welcome Heather Brock to the board.  We asked Heather to introduce herself, so we could let you know a bit more about her, her family and why she became involved with GAS. 

Heather said, “I am Heather Brock! I am a mother of two teenage children, my youngest is an autist.  I work part time at a veterinary practice, where I thoroughly enjoy being me and have done for the last 14 years.  As a family we have had to educate ourselves on autism and what works for us as a unit, which can feel so isolating as it’s very different to ‘normal’ families and what we expected as parents.”

“I personally could not have travelled the journey we have without the support of parents who are going through what we have, living the day to day, for this reason I become involved in Grampian Autistic Society’s support group Facebook page, which has evolved to my position as a director.”

A massive thank you to Heather for telling us more about herself, and welcome to the board!

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