Board Appoints 3 New Directors

We are delighted to have appointed three new directors to the board of GAS within the last few months. Kerry Buist, Gary Wade and Louise Ferguson each come with different personal and professional backgrounds, bringing a wealth of skills and experience to the board – as well as passion and commitment!

Gary has already been deeply involved in launching and running our online support group, and Louise has been bringing invaluable HR background to our organisation. We will tell you more of their backgrounds in future newsletters. For this newsletter, let’s find out more about our new campaigning guru, Kerry.

Kerry has many years’ experience in campaigning from a long, successful and high- profile career in political campaigning. Having spent many years in London, Kerry has now returned to her home territory of Aberdeenshire, where she has family. Kerry also brings a wealth of experience in recruiting and organising volunteers, which will be a great help to us as we seek to find ways to use more volunteer support within GAS. Kerry has already used her skills in helping to develop an online service user survey for us, and is getting us ready to launch a crowd-funding page. And we have no doubt her campaigning skills will be a huge help as we campaign for the funding needed to maintain our essential autism specific services in this difficult economic climate.

As well as people with professional skills and experience, we need people on the Board who know about Autism, and the challenges it can bring. If you would like to know more (without obligation!), we would love to hear from you.

(Pictured below is Kerry Buist above, and Louis Ferguson below)

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