Diversity is in our DNA - is it in our organisations?

We often see and hear the word ‘diversity’ used by organisations. If you google the word ‘diversity’, Google advises ‘equality and inclusion’ may also be of interest as a relevant search.

ACAS’ website states diversity is ‘the range of people in your workforce with different ages, religions, ethnicities, people with disabilities, and both men and women. It also means valuing those differences

I think it should also include ‘different ways of and abilities in thinking’.

With Global Diversity Awareness month approaching, my team explored a variety of content for our organisation to engage in throughout October. Amongst many things, a blog on neurodiversity in the workplace was one of the ideas we agreed on – a very relevant and current topic for our organisation and the nation.

Many of us have heard of the more well-known neurodivergent individuals around the world who have innovated, challenged the status quo and who are recognised as leaders in their field. Billie Eilish, Richard Branson, Cher, Bill Gates, Simone Biles, Steve Jobs, Greta Thurnberg, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Anniston, Elon Musk, Emma Watson and Albert Einstein to name but a few.

Pictured: Billie Eilish