Employment Support During Lockdown

  If you need autism specific employment support during the coronavirus crisis, then G.A.S has just the person for you. Our Senior Autism Practitioner is on hand to help and can offer telephone or virtual appointments until such time we can offer our weekly office appointments again. Please direct any enquiries to Lisa Moir on training@grampianautisticsociety.co.uk or 01224 277900.

If you have lost your job, been forced to reduce the number of hours you normally work, or your workplace has closed due to Coronavirus, then you can apply for Universal Credit. You can do this online or by telephone, and you can get the first month’s payment upfront. If you have a job, but become ill with Covid-19, you are entitled to your regular sick pay. Did you know you can get a doctor’s note by visiting the NHS 111 website? Use the following links:

  1. https://111.nhs.uk/isolation-note

  2. https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19

Here is what one of the employment candidates had to say about the service he has received during lockdown.