GAS services continue through pandemic restrictions

The world has changed dramatically since our last newsletter in January.  As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in March, we realised we would need to re-assess how we provided services.  After communicating with the Local Authorities and the Care Inspectorate, among others, we agreed on ways we could continue much-needed service provision for our most vulnerable service users.  Our Playscheme has been running throughout, providing some much-needed support for the children and their families, especially when schools were closed before the summer.  We would like to expand the delivery of this service and will be looking for ways to find funding.  If you have any ideas, please let us know!

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For Outreach services, again we have been able to maintain support for all our service users who wanted this. In a few cases, there was a preference for support to be provided by phone during the initial lockdown period, and we have been providing this to meet service user needs. Of course, all our staff are provided with the appropriate PPE, and have received the required training to ensure all additional COVID-19 related risks are suitably addressed.

Diagnostic assessments have been continuing, with a bespoke service provided to ten individuals over recent months.  This can help people understand how to manage everyday occurrences better.  It can also help with education or employment situations, or with benefit applications.

Training has also continued, although we have had to adjust how it is delivered, of course. We have been training staff through electronic and virtual formats, and also modified our “Learning to Play” workshop so that it could be delivered virtually, and this has proved successful.

Of course, we can only continue providing these services due to having staff who are willing to keep working in even more challenging circumstances than usual. We really appreciate the commitment shown by every staff member and know that each person is making a positive difference.

Our office phone continues to be covered, so if there is anything you would like to discuss in relation to our services, please do contact us, by phone or email.

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