Looking for a New Year Challenge?

 About a year ago, we heard from Andy Scott, who had decided to set himself a challenge for 2019. The challenge was to cycle over 7000 miles during the year, and to raise funds of over £500 to support our charity in the process! Why? Andy told us: “My son has recently been diagnosed as being on the spectrum and I want to help in any way I can. By doing this, I will make a very special boy proud of his Dad!”

How did he get on? The selected updates below will give you an idea of the ups and downs during the year…

“Hi guys, just a quick update….. 2750 miles down in three months, so still ahead of target and the good weather to come! 😊”

“Hi folks…. update for the 6 month mark….. currently at just over 4400 miles so ahead of target still…. A 10 day holiday in July should give me chance to recharge the battery before getting back in the saddle for the second half of the year…..”

“7 months down and by the end of July I will have reached the 5000 mile Mark…. it’s been tough going, but the support from friends and family has helped me get out in all weathers. I know even a small amount can make a big difference and that’s what makes it so worthwhile…. here’s hoping it stops raining in August!”

Andy persevere