Sensory Gifts are a Winner!

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Date: 16/02/2021

Sensory Gifts are a Winner!

Thanks to the generosity of local people, all the children and young people who attend Grampian Autistic Society’s (GAS) Playscheme recently received their Christmas gifts as a result of the charity’s Christmas Gift Appeal. 

Each year, the charity holds a Christmas party for everyone in the Playscheme but due to COVID-19 they were unable to have this annual gathering so a fundraising appeal for Christmas Gifts was launced instead.  “Buying a toy or gift for a child or young person on the autism spectrum can be difficult so this year, due to the ever-changing world we are living in – no school, no clubs and no favourite activities – we chose to purchase Sensory Toyrs.  These toys can be surprisingly effective at calming and soothing which is extremely helpful when routine as we know it has all but disappeared.” said Pearl Begbie, GAS Service Manager. 

Aaron Edwards

Jayden Murphy

Puffer balls, Waterfall Tubes, Chewy Necklaces and Bubble Blower Frogs were among the gifts that were given to children and young people, all of whom were absolutely delighted with their Christmas Gifts – even if they were a few weeks late!

Carly Stott, GAS Playscheme Supervisor explained, “All the toys that have been gifted help the children and young people to relax, focus and keep calm, which in turn helps them to develop social learning skills, keeping their brains stimulated and their coordination enhanced. 

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful generosity of the Grampian public and we just can’t thank them enough.” 

Grampian Autistic Society provides support for those with Autism throughout Grampian – if you or someone you know needs support please call us on 01224 277900 or email and we will do our best to help.

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